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For those of you who view clicking through picture galleries with the same horror our parents reserved for slide shows of Aunt Ermintrude's trip to the Catskills, today's post at Beyond the Veil is for you.  I've cherry-picked some of my best photos of Dragon*Con 2011 and wrapped them in the lightest of all possible con reports.  And there isn't a panel table anywhere in sight.  Enjoy!
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Just got home from DC's Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom Street Festival).  The weather was grim, but the performances were great.  (I'm listening to the new Aun CD I bought after their show and will post pictures...soon.  Soon.  Really.  ;-))  But all the fun meant I'm slow posting the link to my new Beyond the Veil blog, "Foxfire".  Appropriately, considering the occasion, it deals with foxes, among the most iconic creatures of Asian folklore--and among the West's most reviled.  Enjoy!
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Here's an interesting article on the Irish in the American West 1845-1910, and of course, a link to my St. Patrick's Day Thursday 13 at Beyond the Veil.  Enjoy!
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The Cruxshadows Dancers at the band's September 5 Dragon*Con performance (photo by Jean Marie Ward)

I've posted a Thursday Thirteen of pictures for my monthly blog at Beyond the Veil. But be warned, those shots are just the teaser. To see the rest of the photos you'll need to follow the link at the end of the article. Enjoy!

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Is now live--with pictures--at Beyond the Veil. Enjoy!
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Today's Beyond the Veil post wasn't what I planned doesn't mean you shouldn't read it. ;-)

Save our SJ

Jul. 1st, 2010 05:17 pm
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After a five-year medical nightmare, writer SJ Willing (aka [ profile] hundakleptisis  on LJ) has lost the use of his pancreas.  He can survive and thrive with the right meds, but they cost $250/month he can't afford, and like most writers, he lacks insurance.  His fellow writers at Beyond the Veil have started a number of projects to help out.  The first, a "Save our SJ" Donate button on the cover of their group novel Dunvegas, is now live.  Please, visit and click.  If you need more incentives, I've posted 13 reasons why you should.  And I'll add one more: He's a good guy with family who loves and needs him.  Thanks!
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Finally finished my April con reports on RavenCon, the Library of Congress, Turn the Page Bookstore Cafe's 2010 mega-signing and the Washington Romance Writers Retreat. The results, plus twelve occasions for blackmail--er, photos are now live at Beyond the Veil. That means if you want to know what Roxanne St. Claire and Charlaine Harris are doing with those sugar packets, you'll just have to click the link. Mwahahahahahaha!
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Today it's all about the links.
About a week ago, [ profile] carolendouglas  asked me to weigh in on the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette's great Cat vs. Dog Mystery debate.  I...ahem, Duz couldn't resist.  Just got word they posted my--er, Duzie's reply--with book links!  Score!
Speaking of good stuff, today I also posted a Thursday 13 at Beyond the Veil.  It concerns 13 great characters and creatures mentioned in Fantasy Art Templates.  But the real reason you want to click the link are the pictures--the cover and three of the book's luscious interior pages.
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Still deep in the writing cave, but I'll be emerging soon.  Promise!  (Be afraid.  Be very afraid...)  As a foretaste, today I posted the first tickle of promo for "Hoodoo Cupid", my February 4 release from Red Rose, at Beyond the Veil.
Tomorrow, if I figure out how to do it, I'll try to post a very low res version of one of the interior pages of Fantasy Art Templates.  My promo copies arrived yesterday, and they are beautiful beyond belief.  Even better, earlier tonight [ profile] crazywritergirl  was looking for the name of a specific member of the angelic hosts--and it was in there, along with everything from pirates to giants to snake goddesses.  Not only is it gorgeous, the book's a great reference too.  Win!
Cheers and smiles,
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Holiday Squirrels ((c) 2009, Greg Uchrin, tree has been trimmed (while it was snowing--win!) and my December blog at Beyond the Veil is live. All that's left is to wish one and all a very happy holiday. May the big day--whichever one you celebrate--be spent with your loved ones doing that which brings you joy and warms your heart for the months ahead. Cheers! (Image: (c) Greg Uchrin,
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I've posted a sneak peak of the next installment of Ward Theater, "Green Eyes", at Beyond the Veil. It'll go live at on December 1, but until then, if you want to read it, you've got to go BtV.
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Bianca D'Arc was one of the first Samhain writers I met live--and one of the nicest. Her paranormal romances, usually featuring m/f/m menage, have won numerous awards, and in January her first m/f/m zombie romance will be released from Kensington. This is all great professional news for her.

What's not great is what's happening in her personal life. Her mom is very, very ill. As a result, she's not even thinking about promoting her latest Samhain release, Dragon Storm. So the rest of us at Beyond the Veil are trying to help out. BtV's fearless leader, Carolan, has posted the publisher's blurb and a link to an excerpt. If paranormal menage--with dragons--is your thing, you won't be disappointed.
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I'm deep in the writing cave.  The last batches of art for Fantasy Art Templates are landing fast.  As a result I missed my Saturday blog date at Beyond the Veil.  I made up for it today, blogging about (what else?) Fantasy Art Templates.  Enjoy!

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My Samhain colleagues at Beyond the Veil have put together a really fun, really easy Cool Yule Giveaway.  The prizes include lots of book downloads, a gift bag and a Bath and Bodyworks gift set.  The only requirement is posting at the blog.  You don't even have to post about us.  (Well, that's what the rest of them say.  Me, I'm not so sure...)  And best of all, they'll be awarding the prizes no later than December 22.  That's three days earlier than most folks.  I'm all about immediate gratification.  How about you?
Happy holidays!
Jean Marie
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Finally--FINALLY!--posted my monthly blog at Beyond the Veil.  In honor of Thanksgiving, I planned to tell the story of my mom's famous Imploding Turkey, but things got a little out of hand and it wound up being a compilation of her greatest culinary disasters--Nagaski Ribs, the exploding spaghetti pot...  If you ever wondered why I'm so obsessed with food, this will tell you why.  Mwhahahahah!
Hugs and evil grins,
Jean Marie
*who promises you'll never look at dead possum the same way again*
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It's hard, not because of the con, which was pure pleasure, but because I had to post the pictures at Beyond the Veil using the Blogger app.  Snarl.  I hate posting pictures in Blogger.  The fool thing requires knowing which one of their impenetrable instructions actually posts flush left, THEN minoogling the html around it.   And I'm not great shakes at html either. 
But some of the pictures are nice--and the people were splendid.
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 Yep, it's that time of the month again, time for me to blog about writerly stuff over at Beyond the Veil like I know what I'm talking about.  This month's topic is the natural storyteller.   I planned to make this announcement a little wittier, but that was before I realized I'd be typing with the laptop balanced on my shins cradling Duzie the Octo-Cat.  If it's rainy he must be needy.  LOL
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It took me a long time, but thanks to the lovely and talented Carolan Ivey, I finally posted my 2008 RavenCon photos at Beyond the Veil.  Thanks again, Carolan!
Now, all that's left to do is email the blackmail, share some of my image files with my esteemed colleagues before settling back down to writing.  I do love cons.
Cheers and evil grins,
Jean Marie
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I blush to admit I've been committing Blogspot again.  My new posting is up at Beyond the Veil.  Today's entry is seasonally appropriate--if you happen to live in Washington, DC.   April 12 is the high point of our annual Cherry Blossom Festival.  In honor of the occasion, Greg and I attended the geisha dance program sponsored by the Japanese Information and Culture Center--the same folks who feed our yen for live action anime movies.  (Hey, it's a totally guilty pleasure.  Why shouldn't it come with a bad pun attached?)
The free geisha dance program, which anyone who's ever been to Japan can tell you is a very, very big deal.  Man, I love living in DC!


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